New Woodland Strutting Turkey Target From Rinehart Targets

By Bow StaffMarch 6, 2018



Janesville, WI — Any seasoned turkey hunter will tell you that hunting wild turkeys can be tough, and at times down right frustrating.  It’s this degree of difficulty that attracts a countless number of hunters all over the world to take on wily gobblers each season. This is where being well prepared for the hunt with some solid practice under your belt becomes even more vital.  Truth is, you will not achieve better lifelike practice than with Rinehart’s new Woodland Strutting Turkey Target.

The new Strutting Turkey is the latest addition to Rinehart’s Woodland Series of archery targets, where every target is designed to take on an exceptional number of shots from both field points and broadheads with ease.  In fact, extended target life for the Woodland Strutting Turkey is a certainty thanks to the target’s high-density Signature Series foam core.  The rest of the body is constructed of Rinehart’s UV-resistant, long-lasting Woodland Foam and is designed with hand-painted details to replicate the real thing.  This includes a showcase of all feathers fully fanned on the gobbler (replicating an actual tom strutting in), plus a realistic size: height of 25.5-inches, length of 20-inches and a simulated weight of 14 pounds.

While the Strutting Turkey emulates a 14 pound gobbler, the target itself is actually quite lightweight which means it can be set up anywhere – in the backyard, on the range — virtually any place you’d like to simulate a strut zone.  Like all Rinehart 3-D Targets, arrow removal is simple and easy thanks to the animal core’s durable foam construction that can stop even the fastest arrows. Should the time ever come where countless hours of practice finally take its toll on the target, a quick pop in of a replacement core (sold separately) will make the target like new again.

The Rinehart Woodland Strutting Turkey Target has an MSRP of just $159.99.

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