Fourth Arrow Run-N-Gun System

By Bow StaffNovember 3, 2017

Fourth Arrow Brands is proud to introduce the Run-N-Gun shoulder base system. This base works with all of the Fourth Arrow camera arms and was designed with the public land hunter in mind.

Public land hunters often have to remove their camera arm and bases from trees after they are done hunting. This can be a time consuming and labor intensive job that takes away from the fun of the hunt. The Run-N-Gun shoulder base combo was designed to be quick and easy to setup and easy to remove after the hunt. 


The new Fourth Arrow Run-N-Gun makes camera setups fast and easy.

The Run-N-Gun tips the scales at 4.5 pounds and is compact, making it easy to transport in and out of the field. Even though the Run-N-Gun is lightweight doesn’t mean it isn’t tough as nails and user-friendly. This base has a rock solid harness system that holds the base firmly against the tree so hunters don’t have to worry about a sloppy system that wiggles around. 

This compact lightweight system offers 360 leveling, is easy to assemble, and is user friendly. The Run-N-Gun system rounds out a complete line of camera arms and accessories that are built for the serious hunter. Learn more about the Run-N-Gun, Fourth Arrow’s lightweight carbon camera arms, and more by visiting 

Run-N-Gun MSRP- $150.

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