Introducing The Sportsmen’s Nation Podcast Network

The Sportsmen’s Nation is proud to introduce the launch of the Sportsmen’s Nation Podcast Network – podcasts for the die-hard sportsmen. From hunting strategy and habitat management to gear reviews and DIY insight, we cover it all.


Sportmen's Nation podcast network

What We Do:

The Sportsmen’s Nation is a collection of podcasts dedicated to the men and women from all over North America whose life revolves around the outdoors.

These podcasts are a true reflection of sportsmen and their love for hunting, fishing, and conserving these natural resources. Although we are passionate about the outdoors, we are also obsessed with the strategy of the hunt, the gear we use, and the land these animals call home.


Nine Finger Chronicles Podcast – Hosted by Dan Johnson, a self proclaimed “Average Joe” with sense of humor, this bowhunting themed podcast has it all. Hunting strategy and insight from seasoned vets, hunter profiles from all over the country, gear reviews and company profiles, as well as topics pertaining to conservation.

Land & Legacy Podcast – Hosted by Adam Keith and Matt Dye, these professional land consultants and real estate agents bring all their knowledge of land management, habitat improvement, and conservation to the forefront. With a love for the land, they provide strategy and insight that is perfect for both property owners and the guys who grind it out on public land.

DIY Sportsman Podcast – The hosts Garrett Prahl and Bobby Boswell were born to hunt public land. With backgrounds in engineering and biology, this podcast revolves around the gear that we as hunters use throughout the season and focuses on how you might be able to save money by “Doing it yourself.” This includes discussions on gear modifications, public land hunting tips, and product reviews just to name a few.

Transition Wild Podcast – Moving from Michigan to Colorado to follow his dream of hunting western big game, host Adam Parr shares stories about his learning curve when hunting new species. Discussions include gear reviews, western hunting tactics, and interviews from some of the most seasoned western big game hunters out there. This podcast is perfect for both veterans and those looking to hunt the west for the first time.

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