Absorb Human Odor With Code Blue Smoke Cover Scent

By Bow StaffOctober 5, 2017

Birmingham, AL- Code Blue®, the industry leader in attractant scents, cover scents and scent elimination products for hardcore hunters, introduces Smoke Cover Scent, allowing hunters to disable the power of a game animal’s nose by absorbing odors, rather than only masking them.

Smoke has been used for hundreds of years to mask and absorb human odors. The Smoke Cover Scent technology is stored in a convenient, easy-to-use spray bottle for complete coverage of your hunting gear and clothing—and virtually anything you take with you in the field.

Code Blue’s Smoke Cover Scent is like no other scent on the market because it’s a naturally occurring smell found in any region at any given time, in turn causing no alarm to the game you’re pursuing. Smoke masks and naturally absorbs odors and human scent, which reduces the level of molecules a game animal can detect, exponentially reducing the chance of you getting busted.

Hunters have successfully used the aid of smoke to cover and absorb human odors in a variety of different fields—bee keepers, wood smoke, barbeque pits and burn piles—but only Code Blue has now made it available in an all-new liquid technology.

To learn more about the Code Blue Smoke Cove Scent, please view this video: https://youtu.be/q2DxjsmbFAg

Smoke Cover Scent Highlighted Features:

  • Mask And Absorb Odors Foreign To Deer

    As both an effective odor-eliminating agent and a naturally occurring smell, smoke is an ideal cover to help disguise several odors a hunter might bring into the woods.
  • Versatility For Any Geographic Area

    Smoke is a natural smell in all regions which means wildlife are less likely to be spooked
  • Easy-to-Use Spray Bottle

    The 8-ounce bottle includes an easy-application trigger spray that allows efficient coverage of all your hunting gear and clothing.

MSRP for Smoke Cover Scent is: $9.99

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