Stealth Cam Unleashes 4K Trail Camera Video

Grand Prairie, TX- Stealth Cam®, continuing their innovative dominance on the trail camera market, is now shipping the first trail camera featuring 30 MP resolution and Ultra HD 4K video technology.  The new DS4K has officially arrived.

The new DS4K from Stealth Cam captures astonishing 4K Ultra HD videos – the first trail camera to offer this feature.

Stealth Cam is committed to producing products capable of providing the clearest images and the DS4K has every feature to help deliver these expectations. It is loaded with premium features which include dual image sensors for optimal day and night high-resolution images, 42 NO GLO IR emitters for 100 foot true invisible night time illumination, split second trigger speed, adjustable IR range and many more.

New for Stealth Cam, the DS4K also features a PIR combo mode, featuring the best of both worlds with a high-resolution image followed by a HD video in the same triggering.  This allows you to capture a single hi-resolution still image of your subject immediately followed by an HD video.

The 30 megapixel hi resolution game camera has a 16:9 wide image ratio, manual shot capability and an SD card slot up to 64 GB to house multiple images and videos when needed most. The DS4K uses Matrix™ Advanced Blur Reduction and Retina™ low light sensitivity improving the quality of low light pictures. Stealth Cam delivers yet another product to set market standards that will give users the most realistic images and videos available.

Check out the new DS4K trail camera on Stealth Cam’s website by clicking here.


  1. David Neils says:

    I was one of the first bowhunters to purchase the new Stealth Cam 4k camera. After one week I have some night footage of an elk that is pretty good. The daytime footage is slightly better than my Browning Recon Force Platinum camera. I’ll have more test footage soon. Here’s the first clip: link to
    This camera will have to outperform my Browning cameras significantly as it doesn’t have a built in LCD which I love for setup in the field. This is the footage from my Browning that it will need to beat: link to
    Using trailcams to study wildlife is a 52 week per year hobby for more than a decade. I’m happy to help others who want to improve their trailcam efforts in the field.
    David Neils


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