Fourth Arrow Partners with Bowhunt or Die

By Bow StaffJune 16, 20171 Comment

Fourth Arrow Brands is proud to announce their partnership with Bowhunt or Die and Todd Graf and Justin Zarr, hosts of Bowhunt or Die, are hardcore bowhunters.  They spend countless hours each year behind and in front of a camera, making them a perfect fit for Fourth Arrow Camera Arms.

todd and Justin posing

“We spend a lot of time in the woods and film almost everything we do in the field,” Todd Graf, Host of Bowhunt or Die said. “The first time I tried a Fourth Arrow Camera Arm, I knew it was a camera arm I would enjoy using. All of their models are lightweight, user-friendly, and easy to pack into the treestand. Whether I am self- filming or filming Justin, I enjoy filming with Fourth Arrow Camera Arms.”

fourth arrow camera arm

The new Fourth Arrow Camera Arm is quickly becoming the new favorite for videographers across the country.

Bowhunt or Die has many field staff that are using Fourth Arrow Camera Arms. “A lot of the field staff use Fourth Arrow Camera Arms because their Base and Shoulder System makes filming set-ups in several trees simple and quick. With this system, we no longer have to lug gear from tree to tree. After we have a base in a tree, all we have to bring with us is the shoulder and camera arm, which is extremely nice,” Graf said.

Fourth Arrow makes a variety of camera arms and accessories for hunters, including the Stiff Arm Pro, the Carbon Arm, the Stiff Arm, the Outreach Arm and the Rex arm. For more information about Fourth Arrow products, visit


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