By Bow StaffMay 17, 2017

New Roads, LA (May 16, 2017) – Savvy whitetail hunters have learned the whens and wheres of deer calling through careful observation and experience. Learning when to growl, grunt, bleat or snort-wheeze is just as important as the execution of the call itself. Unfortunately, too many deer hunters only spook deer when using a call because they use a particular vocalization at the wrong time or fail to produce a compelling and realistic sound. That’s a shame, because compared to many other game animals, whitetail deer vocalizations are much more limited and easier to master – as long as hunters have a call that’s accurate, versatile and easy to use.

Flextone Game Calls are hunter-preferred, because they utilize innovative designs and flexible materials that replicate the soft tissues in the necks and mouths of the animals they are designed to imitate. The approach results in more faithful, true-to-life sounds that can be produced with varying degrees of volume, inflection and tonality. What’s more, Flextone’s vast, online media center contains dozens of instructional videos featuring their top pros explaining how to make the proper sounds at the right times.

Deer hunters looking to carry a single deer call into the woods need look no further than Flextone’s new Buck Collector Plus with Tru-Touch Buttons. The Buck Collector Plus quickly and accurately reproduces all known deer vocalizations through one killer deer call. Its soft, flexible body and mouthpiece allow for easy manipulation that leads to instant changes in tone, volume and inflection, while making any highly realistic deer sound that might be necessary to fool a mature buck.

Whether the situation calls for a fawn bawl, doe bleat, estrus bleat, aggressive growl, single grunt, tending grunts, exhausted clicking grunts or a snort wheeze, the Buck Collector Plus delivers the accurate and compelling sounds you’ll need to turn that once-in-a-lifetime buck in your direction. And the new Tru-Touch Button design ensures the versatile Buck Collector Plus will always make consistent doe and fawn sounds – in gloved or ungloved hands and regardless of the weather.

Flextone Buck Collector Plus

  • Produces all known whitetail vocalizations
  • NEW Tru-Touch Buttons for perfect fawn and doe sounds every time
  • Instant snort-wheeze

Model #: FG-DEER-00070
UPC Each: 8-15097-00983-2
MSRP: $17.99

Flextone’s versatile new Buck Collector Plus is the Swiss Army Knife of deer calls, producing any sounds a whitetail hunter might need at the moment of truth. Its soft body allows for maximum inflection and realism, and won’t spook deer when it accidentally contacts your gun, bow or stand like other grunt calls. It truly is the one deer call that can do it all… and do it well.

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