Gen-X 2017 BOW LINE UP

By Bow StaffMay 11, 2017


Progressive Let-Off™ technology that makes shooting easy for everyone. An adjustable draw stop cam provides a “solid wall” that allows archers to customize the bow to their specific draw length. With an adjustable draw weight up to 40 lbs., the X-Dawn™ shoots arrows at higher speeds, desirable for both the field and the range. It is a bow you’ll never outgrow!


A versatile bow designed for archers who are ready to up their game. A powerful dual-cam bow engineered to deliver a new level of speed and forgiveness to your hunting experience. The patented Versa Cam System™ (VCS) technology makes draw adjustment simple with no bow press required. Premium power packed into a compact size, X-Versa™ is ideal for close quarters shooting or archers who prefer a low profile bow.


Game hunting, advanced. A premium level performance compound bow engineered for maximum speed and accuracy. With patented Versa Cam System™ (VCS) technology, the X-LR8™ delivers long ranging, high-accuracy speed with up to 70 lbs. of bow-press-free adjustable draw weight, customizable draw lengths from 19-30 inches and ergonomic riser and grip design for super-stability and a superior hunting experience. X-LR8 is perfect for hunting everything from hogs to whitetail deer, elk and other big game species.


A fully adjustable adult target bow for archers of all skill levels. With a smooth pull and steady release, this bow is ideal for keeping your pins on target. Optimized for range shooting, the X-WON™ features the Opti-Mod™ Cam System for exceptional performance, customizable draw lengths, and up to 70 lbs. of adjustable draw weight to accommodate all archers, from novice to even the most experienced.


Progressive Let-Off™ technology has come to bowfishing. The Cuda™ is a bowfishing bow designed to give you an edge on the water. Kits come equipped with a Zebco 808® Bowfisher reel, a fiberglass arrow with safety slide and an arrow rest. With adjustable draw weights up to 40 lbs., the Cuda is ideal for snap shooting fish with ease.


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