Slick Trick Broadheads Launches The RaptorTrick™

Clay City, KY (February 1, 2017) – Slick Trick broadheads unleashes the RaptorTrick™ expandable broadhead, the latest advancement in an extensive and proven line of broadheads users trust to get the job done.

Listing to the consistent demand of diehard bowhunters searching for a more efficient and aerodynamic broadhead in flight-that still delivers devastating effects upon impact, the RaptorTrick was developed specifically to meet those tall demands.

Sporting a Jekyll and Hyde personality, the RaptorTrick’s streamlined profile is designed to fly true with field point like accuracy from even the fastest of bows-including crossbows, no matter the distance. Upon impact, the broadhead transforms to deliver 2 inches of devastating cut, leaving short blood trails in its wake.

Making the RaptorTrick truly unique, the blades are retained by a multi-position O-ring. The O-ring can be secured in the front notch for high kinetic energy bows and crossbows, in the middle notch for standard kinetic energy bows and in the rear notch for bows delivering low kinetic energy. This system ensures the blades remain 100% fixed in flight yet deploy at the optimal time, regardless of the bow you’re shooting.

The stainless-steel ferrule is armed with two .035-inch steel blades placed at an optimal angle for extreme penetration and a 4-edge, bone-splitting tip to quickly ground even the largest of big game. Available in a 100-grains, the RaptorTrick delivers devastation with the in-flight accuracy you’d expect from Slick Trick.

MSRP: $47.99/3-pack


  1. Darren Scott says:

    I’m a big fan of the Slick Trick Nuke. I ran across them on ebay and have been stockpiling them as I can due to their discontinuance. This RaptorTrick appears to be a fairly similar concept except for the blade design. I’m a little skeptical of how exactly the blades are supposed to deploy from a forward position? I was hoping Slick Trick would introduce a new mechanical broadhead after discontinuing the Nuke, but $48 for 3 sketchy is kind of disappointing. Although, I will continue shooting my stash of Nukes as they are razor sharp and have functioned perfectly everytime.


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