The Best Hunting Blinds on the Planet Just Got Even Better

By Bow StaffMarch 1, 2017

Lamar, MO – Redneck® is pleased to introduce the Platinum series of its wildly popular 6X6 Buck Palace and 5×6 Predator Fiberglass hunting blinds.

The Buck Palace 6X6 Platinum 360 Blind and the Predator 5X6 Platinum 360 Blind will now include the Redneck Blind Gear Console, a new high-density removable foam mat under the carpet and vertical windows that now come with a silk screening black camo look.

The Redneck Blind Gear Console is a convenient and handy storage shelf that will come pre-installed in every Platinum Series Blind. It’s the perfect solution for organizing your gear, putting it at your fingertips. With carpeted shelves, cup holders and built-in hangers, you can have all your gear and accessories right at your fingertips to help increase your success in the field.

The new high-density foam floor covering greatly improves the sound control on the floor and adds insulation to help keep your feet warm on those cold winter days. It’s tough, durable and easily removed for cleaning.

The industry’s tallest vertical tinted tempered automotive glass corner windows will now include a black camo silk screening on the lower half of the window to hide movement inside of the blind, keeping you concealed until you get the opportunity for a trophy shot.

The Redneck Platinum 360 Series Blinds also include acoustical foam for the walls above and below the windows for enhanced sound control, a new improved window hinge system, the Redneck easy horizontal window opener system, a new ceramic insulation coating in the ceiling and a new and improved door lock mechanism.

The Platinum 360 Series Blinds are 100 percent fiberglass construction with a fiberglass floor and bottom with a marine grade gel-coat finish.

Redneck also has a complete line of heavy-duty black powder-coated steel stand options in 5-foot, 10-foot and 15-foot heights. There’s also a stand designed to mount on a 2-wheel trailer, along with a ground sled that the blinds can be mounted on.


Buck Palace 6X6 Platinum 360 Blind: $2,599

Predator 5X6 Platinum 360 Blind: $2,149

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