Country Tot Brand for Kids in Hunting Households

As hunters and outdoorsmen, we love to show our allegiance to the hunting and outdoor lifestyle. We do this most often through the shirts on our back and the hats on our head. But what about our future hunters? It seems the options for the next generation of hunters is pretty slim. So slim that one company has made the move to create a new brand for kids in hunting and fishing households.


Country Tot, maker of high-quality garments for our next generation of hunters, anglers and little outdoorsmen announced the opening of their online storefront, The company, which prides itself on crafting unique clothing designs for country youngsters, specialize in onesies and t-shirts amongst a growing product line.

Country Tot shirt

Pass on your hunting heritage with apparel from Country Tot.

“We are thrilled to launch Country Tot and showcase our products to families who value outdoor traditions”, says owner Tom Ruch. “As a parent-to-be, I realized there weren’t any outdoors apparel lines specifically dedicated to little kids – and I wanted to make sure my little girl could wear some cool clothes and represent our heritage. So I did what any would-be-dad would do, and spent a couple hundred hours hand-crafting an inventory of designs for like-minded country folk.”

When the brand was searching for a manufacturer of its product, Country Tot only seeked USA makers for their product. “We needed America to be woven into our fabrics and our brand. Partnering with American Apparel was an easy choice because of their high-quality materials and reputation as a top-tier American clothing manufacturer.”

About Country Tot

The brand is for our people, Made in the USA. We support hunting, fishing, the 2nd Amendment and our Armed Forces. We want to tailor towards our future folk who carry on our country traditions. Apparel is available from newborn through 6 years of age.

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