New Elite Origin Breaks the Mold for Traditional Bow Performance

By Bow StaffJuly 19, 20162 Comments

elite-originArchers looking for an exciting new challenge or maybe a chance to expand their archery skills need to experience the new ELITE Origin. This ground-breaking modern traditional bow not only sets new standards for speed, it’s packed with Elite shootability, take-down convenience and deadly, tunable accuracy.

A tunable traditional bow? Yes! The ELITE Origin lets you fine-tune accuracy with several features that include its unique limb alignment system and adjustable tiller/limb weight system that is lockable for ultra-consistent performance. You’ll also find a larger (5/8-inch) centershot that offers the option of shooting “off the shelf” or working in concert with an elevated rest and the included Berger Button hole to deliver consistent, custom accuracy to archers of all sizes and shooting styles.

“Top to bottom, the ELITE Origin was designed to be the ultimate take-down recurve bow, whether your goal is a local 3-D shoot medal or your first big game animal with stick and string,” said Eric Griggs, Elite president. “With a top speed of 200 feet per second the Origin is not only faster than its competition, its proprietary, multi-layer limbs deliver more energy to your arrow, allowing you to shoot a lighter bow and experience the same levels of deadly penetration. Whatever your goal, this bow is just flat-out fun to shoot.”

The ultra-stable and easily maneuverable 62-inch ELITE Origin features a strong, lightweight 6061-T6 machined aluminum riser to minimize flex, and includes sight, quiver, and stabilizer mounts to allow quick and easy customization-allowing use of a wide variety of accessories and the ability to complement most any shooting style. The 19-inch double-caged, riser works with the bow’s unique multi-layer glass/carbon/foam limbs and premium BCY 8190 string to not only deliver amazing speeds, but also consistent shot-to-shot performance.

The ELITE Origin makes use of the International Limb Fitting (ILF) method for attaching limbs to riser; however, only the custom-built, performance-optimized ELITE Origin limbs are compatible with the ELITE Origin riser. Purchasing multiple sets of limbs offers options; dedicated bowhunters, for example, can benefit by practicing year-round with a lighter set of limbs, and hunting with a heavier set.

Are you ready for the traditional challenge, or to upgrade to the finest premium bow on the market? Elite may have made its name with its award-winning compound bows, but the new Origin brings compound-like precision, accuracy, and extreme tunability to archers everywhere. If you think traditional archery innovation is lagging it’s time you shot the ELITE Origin: a whole new breed of traditional bow.

The 62-inch ELITE Origin is available right- or left-hand models, and in draw weights of 35, 40, 45, 50, and 55 pounds. Each bow comes complete with bow case, string, stringer, nock point, and silencers.

The ELITE Origin features Matte Black limbs and your choice of six riser finishes: Realtree® Xtra®, Realtree® AP® Snow, Realtree® Max-1®, KUIU™ Vias, KUIU™ Verde, and Ninja Black.


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