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Victory Archery® is proud to announce the newest addition to its popular VAP line of 100% carbon fiber arrows, the new-for-2016 VAP TKO. Featuring a micro-sized .166-inch inner diameter, and the company’s new Low Torque technology, the new Victory Archery VAP TKO delivers the unmatched accuracy, strength and penetration shooters have been waiting for.


Victory Archery’s VAP TKO utilizes a 100 percent carbon 45-degree Flat Tow Weave. This unique new construction is the core of Victory’s Low Torque Technology, which allows for tighter tolerance spines and superior flight. It also means the VAP TKO design is tough enough to survive a shot through a rib or shoulder bone of a big game animal.

Victory’s new VAP TKO arrows deliver superior penetration by reducing the surface area of the arrow (thus decreasing resistance). How? Simple, the VAP TKO sports a micro-sized .166-inch inner diameter. In fact, it joins the VAP family as the smallest arrow shafts on the market. The .166-inch inner diameter means less surface area for increased penetration, and also translates to less wind drift and greater downrange accuracy. That’s arrow design taken to the limit for extreme performance in the field where it counts the most.

When building the VAP TKO, Victory ensures each arrow is spine aligned. This means, prior to fletching the arrow, the stiffest part of the spine is identified and aligned with the index vane. In turn, broadhead-tipped arrows will experience less planing for tighter groups and increased lethality on game.
Micro diameter arrows require performance driven components. In the case of the VAP TKO, that means Victory Archery’s new VAP Shock Insert for added durability, broadhead accuracy, and tighter groups. The VAP Shock measures 5/16th diameter for perfect field tip and broadhead alignment and weighs in at 35-Grains for increased kinetic energy and Front-of-Center (FOC). A 95-Grain Stainless Steel option is also available for even harder-hitting penetration.

To be an effective and ethical hunter, you’ll need to spend plenty of time on the target range. Increased penetration on game animals also results in increased penetration on 3-D animals. Victory’s engineers took this into account and wanting to be all things to all archers, designed the VAP TKO with Victory Archery’s Nano Ceramic “ICE” coating. The benefits of the ICE coating are twofold. First, the ICE coating further increases the arrow’s penetration. Secondly, while on the target range, the VAP TKO’s ICE coating promotes easy arrow removal from foam targets.

Victory Archery’s VAP TKO .166 arrows are available in a convenient six-pack with an MSRP of $94.99

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