Turbo Tape Select from Full Flight Technology

By developerDecember 23, 2015

New for 2016, a TURBO Sight Tape Select feature is included in the UNO App. The TURBO Tape Select quickly and precisely identifies the best matched sight tape from the pre-printed tapes provided with leading single pin sights. Now, with the UNO App a user no longer has to step back 50-60 yards for a second sight mark. Instead, enter a measured arrow speed, peep measurements and select from vanes or feathers. The UNO App immediately selects the best matched sight tape for HHA, Black Gold and CBE single pin sights. Just choose one distance of 20 or more yards, sight-in and align the selected tape with that one yardage mark – you’re done.


“Thousands of bowhunters are already taking advantage of the features packed into the UNO App to make the most of their time at the range” said Robert Donahoe, President of Full Flight Technology. “With TURBO Tape Select, the UNO App gives single pin bowhunters and target archers a great new tool that works with the original tape-sets included with their bowsight.”

In its first year, the UNO App has already become the first mobile App to deliver sight tape printing directly from smartphones. TURBO Tape Select gives archers another streamlined option to move directly to the range for precise practice and training before a hunt or competition. The “good old days” of plugging an endless array of data into a PC based program to produce sight tapes are over. “These latest features continue Full Flight’s tradition of delivering pioneering innovations for archers” added Robert Donahoe. “Full Flight’s innovations leverage the latest in electronic and mobile technology that is powerful, precise and accessible. Full Flight’s tools complement conventional archery equipment so beginning archers and seasoned veterans can quickly improve their performance.”

Full Flight expects to add to the number of leading brands covered by the TURBO Select feature in 2016. There is no better sighting tool available than the UNO Archery App, and no better value at $9.99.

With the UNO Archery App, archers can just get out and shoot!

The UNO Archery App is available for Android and iPhone users and can be purchased at the Google Play Store for Android and the Apple App Store for iPhone.

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