The Purr-Fect Pair from Montana Decoy

By developerDecember 22, 2015

Turkey hunters can now be ready for any phase of the season with the PURR-FECT PAIR from Montana Decoy. The new PURR-FECT PAIR 3D jake and hen combo gives hunters an easy-to-carry, life-like combo pack effective throughout the entire turkey season. Feather cuts, multiple leg pole options and Perfect Pose Technology make these decoys versatile and realistic.


Developed from photos of actual wild turkeys utilizing a unique High Definition (HD) process, the PURR-FECT PAIR is sure to find a happy home in your turkey vest. Decoy set up is easy, quiet and fast. Simply unclip the retaining strap and the decoys quickly assume a 3D pose. Opt for a Breeder, Feeder or Looker for MISS PURR-FECT and a Looker or Brawler pose for JAKE PURR-FECT Simply pick the leg pole sleeve to match the desired pose and hunt. Detail-oriented hunters can fine-tune the head pose of each thanks to Montana Decoy’s exclusive PERFECT POSE TECHNOLOGY.

“From a single hen to a breeding pair to a lone intruding jake, the PURR-FECT PAIR combo gives you all the options you need,” said Montana Decoy President CJ Davis. “You can start out the day with both decoys and never know you’re carrying them until you set up.”

JAKE PURR-FECT is 35″ x 10″ and weighs 22 oz., including a leg pole with a compressed size of 10″ x 13″. Miss Purr-fect is 32″x 9″ and weighs 20oz., including leg pole with a compressed size of 19″x12″. Suggested retail is $99.99.

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