TenPoint’s Ultra-Compact High-Performance Stealth FX4

High-tech crossbow manufacturer, TenPoint Crossbow Technologies’® introduced its new Stealth FX4™ at the opening of the 2015 ATA Show in Indianapolis, IN on January 8. One of TenPoint’s two ultra-compact platform models engineered for superior fit, form, and function, the Stealth FX4 is a faster version of its award-winning predecessor, the Stealth SS™.


“In 2013, we defined what compact crossbows were all about,” said Rick Bednar, TenPoint CEO. “Now, the new Stealth FX4 helps refine that definition. It’s rock-solid, built like a tank but maneuvers like a luxury automobile.”

The Stealth FX4’s stock assembly features TenPoint’s FSB™ (Functionally Superior Bullpup) stock and a black anodized, 19.5-inch tactical, fluted aluminum barrel, fitted with a 4-inch bullpup version of its 3 ½ lb. T2™ trigger.

Configured with optimal comb-height and length-of-pull, the FSB butt stock uses strategically placed cutouts to reduce weight and improve balance. In addition, the stock is equipped with dual-purpose rubber safety wings that reduce noise and vibration and help keep the shooter’s fore-grip hand safely below the flight deck. This stock and shortened barrel configuration measures a comfortable and compact 34.4 inches long.

The crossbow’s supercharged 185-pound bow assembly measures a narrow 13.3 inches axle-to-axle when cocked and features a 13.4-inch power stroke, making the bow highly maneuverable in the woods.

Its 11-inch IsoTaper™ limbs are newly powered by HE2™ (Hybrid Eccentric 2) cams, the heart of the speed upgrade, and DynaFLIGHT 97 string and cables with a hard yoke system.

Assembled, the Stealth FX4 weighs only 6.8 pounds without accessories and shoots up to 370 fps.

Like all TenPoint models, the Stealth FX4 also features TenPoint’s DFI™ (Dry-Fire-Inhibitor). Equipped with the ACUdraw™ or ACUdraw 50™, TenPoint’s patented cocking units and the 3x Pro-View 2™ scope, the Stealth FX4 is double-dip, fluid imaged in Mossy Oak® Country® camo.

The model sells only as a complete package that includes three Pro Elite™ carbon arrows with Omni Nocks™, quiver, Bowjax Noise Dampening Kit, and Side-Mount Quiver Bracket.

Stealth FX4 MAP: $1,199 with ACUdraw 50, $1,299 with ACUdraw.


  1. Leon Holmin says:

    My Woodsman Plus just got sent to your repair shop this afternoon and now I feel better than before having it hanging in a store’s repair room. After expecting to get a Y cable fixed or replaced by somebody other than Ten Point Tech. was my biggest mistake. I am convinced that it will come back to me like a new crossbow.

  2. Dennis B. says:

    Wow, Guys, all I can say is before spending the money on a ten point crossbow shoot the carbon express line. I have spent the last 6 months shooting every new crossbow out there in the $600-$1500 price range. No doubt 5-10 years ago tenpoint was the cats meow when it came to crossbow technology. But now several manufacturers have stepped up their game. In my opinion the Carbon Express Intercept Supercoil LT cannot be beat. It’s quality is by far the most superior of all the crossbows I tested and the price range is $699-$799. If you are gonna spend upwards of a thousand dollars or more take a look at this crossbow and shoot it. At 360+ fps I get sub 1/2″ groups at 40yrds. Check this bow out. You will not be disappointed and you will thank me for saving you the money to spend elsewhere. This review is strictly independent.


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