Ozonics Releases HR-200

By Hunting NetworkJuly 13, 2015

The Ozonics HR-200 unit is a lightweight, highly mobile 1.7-pound device that is changing how hunters manage their scent control regimen both in and out of the field. The Ozonics HR-200 quietly and efficiently creates ozone, a powerful oxidizing agent that blankets a hunter’s scent zone altering or completely destroying any human odor it comes in contact with. The result is undeniable – deer and other big game animals are no longer able to detect or identify the hunter using their primary and most powerful defensive sense — their sense of smell!


Ozone is a powerful purifying agent that has been called “nature’s cleansing agent”. It purifies the very air we breathe. Ozone is created naturally-that unmistakable fresh, clean smell after a thunderstorm is ozone that was created during every lightening strike. Ozone has been used in commercial applications for decades and has been used to purify drinking water, sterilize hospital rooms, remove the smell of smoke and mold from buildings and purify the air in restaurants and hotels among other things.

The Ozonics HR-200 produces ozone by introducing electricity to oxygen much like what happens during a lightning strike, only on a much smaller scale. In the presence of electricity, oxygen molecules fracture and temporarily turn into ozone molecules, which are characteristically unstable. Because ozone molecules are unstable, they will bond with other molecules, in this case, human odor. Once the ozone molecules bond with the scent/odor molecules, the scent molecules break down and literally begin to unravel the human scent code until it is unidentifiable as human or it is destroyed all together.

With Ozonics, a hunter defeats a deer’s nose with patented Oxidation Technology. Now wind direction and stand locations are less of a challenge and your time can be maximized because of your ability to hunt in situations that were impossible before Ozonics. Ozonics will change the way you hunt for deer, hogs, predators and all animals that depend on their nose as a defense. Ozonics – Make every second count!

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