New Rage Chisel Tip SC Broadhead

rage-chisel-tip-scThe popular bone-busting, rear-deploying Rage Chisel-Tip broadhead has been improved with the incorporation of the proven Shock Collar blade retention and deployment system and a redesigned ferrule that is more aerodynamic resulting in better penetration. The new Rage Chisel Tip SC will blaze through the hide of any game animal, and its 0.035-inch razor sharp stainless steel blades deploy to cut a path of destruction, while the chisel point destroys any bone that is in its path. The incorporation of the Rage Shock Collar keeps the blades locked in place until the moment of impact.

The Rage Chisel Tip SC is available in 100 grain and has a 2-inch cutting diameter. It is easily recognized by its black, anti-friction nickel-coated chisel point and red-anodized ferrules. This new broadhead is available at retailers nationwide and online at with a suggested retail price of $44.99 for a pack of three and a practice head.


  1. onederer says:

    I’m very disappointed! I’ve written several times about a problem that I’ve been having for a while now, and got no response. I was setting up a crossbow ‘s 100 grain field point, to hit a target’s bullseye.
    However, after all that , trying to hit the same target with a 100 grain hunting point, leads to a dismal result. I was getting grounders! Must have damaged about $30.00 worth of broadheads.

    If both broadheads and field points are supposedly listed at the same 100 grain weight, why the disparity? Although at the moment , I don’t remember the actual weight of both points, I do remember that the field point was heavier than the broadhead. And I did not get any broadhead practice points with the hunting points.
    So, how do I cope with this problem? If I set up the crossbow for field point, how can I also set this up for broadheads, without having to re-zero the bow?
    I also would like to know what target(s) U R using for broadheads, that will not damage broadheads, will stop them, and will be easy to pull them out, without getting snagged inside the target.



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