NEW Bowhunting Short Film – The Draw

Each of us begins the deer season the same each year. We practice our shot, our form. We scout when we can grab a moment from the fleeting that pass each day, each week. We hunt not for the antler, but for the journey. And each journey is unique to each who tell it.

Some just tell it better than others.

Entitled “The Draw”, this recently completed short film focuses on an entire season shortened to just four minutes and caught beautifully through the lenses of modern camera equipment.  Focusing on a single bowhunter named Josh, film directors T.C. Worley and Ryan Wheeler takes us on his journey to the stand each fall. It’s a journey each of us long to take again. Leaving the complicated and fast paced life most of us live and slowing it down for a single moment trapped in time. In this case, all on video.

This is “the draw” that this short film depicts. We think you can relate. 

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