Invader G3 from Wicked Ridge

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LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

With a lot of new crossbows being announced at this year’s ATA, there’s a lot that can be overlooked. The Invader G3 by Wicked Ridge should not be one of those overlooked.

Wicked Ridge Invader G3

Wicked Ridge Crossbows®, known for producing top value, precision performance crossbows, introduced its new Invader G3™ model at the opening of the 2015 ATA Trade Show in Indianapolis, IN on January 8, 2015. A total makeover of its Invader HP™ predecessor, it features both a new stock assembly focused on weight reduction and enhanced safety and a new bow assembly that is narrower, lighter, and faster.

“The Invader HP was successful because of its superior quality in its class,” said TenPoint® and Wicked Ridge CEO, Rick Bednar. “We have made substantial improvements to it for 2015. I believe the improvements should further separate it from our competitors. The Invader G3 is safer, faster, lighter, and narrower than the HP. It will be the premier performer at its price level.”

The bow assembly consists of a newly designed, machined aluminum riser with strategically placed cutouts that reduce weight and increase strength. It is fitted with new, tactical-black 12.3-inch WL12™ limbs powered by a new Energy Wheel™ equipped with DynaFLIGHT 97 string and cables with tunable yokes. This custom configuration produces a fast and maneuverable 330 FPS, 165-pound draw weight assembly that is only 19-inches axle-to-axle when cocked.

The new, semi-skeletal stock design, molded with PlastiComp® Duplēt®, was not only designed to lighten the bow but also to help keep the shooter’s fore-grip hand safely below the bowstring release path. It features a new pass-through fore-grip backed up with new, longer, glass reinforced nylon safety wings fitted on the stock above the grip. In addition to these new safety features, the stock is also fitted with TenPoint’s DFI™ (Dry-Fire-Inhibitor) and highly regarded 3.5-pound T2™ trigger.

The two assemblies combined, without accessories, weigh only 6.6 pounds.

The Invader G3 is double-dip fluid imaged in Mossy Oak’s® popular Treestand® camo pattern and is equipped with an ACU-52™ cocking mechanism. Its package includes a TenPoint 3x Multi-Line™ Scope, 3 400-grain, 20-inch Wicked Ridge carbon arrows, and a quiver.

Invader G3 MSRP: $549

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