Ram Cat Broadheads Features New Products for 2015

By Hunting NetworkJanuary 7, 2015

UPDATED ON: May 1st, 2015

It’s only Janurary but Ram Cat is putting out several amazing products: broadheads, quivers, practice blades, accessory packs. 

Fulton Precision Archery made new innovations for the 100 and 125 grain Ramcat Broadheads for 2013 including the following: These broadheads are the first blade over shaft broadheads on the market. Both broadheads are still a one piece, stainless steel body ferrule that have a Hydroshock Self-Centering Chisel Tip with patented deep lobes and with Aero Insert Technology licensed by Firenock.

In addition, we have added the 100 and 125 grain Deep Six Ramcats which will accommodate the Easton Deep Six arrows. The 100 grain Ramcat has a cut diameter of 1 3/8” and for those archers that prefer a heavier broadhead, the Ramcat XX  is 125 grains with a cut diameter of 1 ½”. Both show the same accuracy as your field points because the deep lobes create an airfoil that drafts wind over the blades and disallows windplaning.  Once in the animal, the lobes create a hydrofoil forcing body mass outward and thus removing friction down the arrow shaft. This results in the deepest penetration on the market.

The broadhead has an offset and stealth blade design with blades that are .032” thick for strength.  The replaceable blades are sharpened front and rear to create a backcut. If the head does not pass through the animal, the blades will roll forward and the broadhead will cut its way back out.  The Ramcat 100 and 125 grain Broadheads are not only field point accurate but they are deadly quiet in flight  They will also be offering a single bevel grind 1” cut diameter blade for those who prefer a smaller cut diameter and for Aerovane III fletching.

Ram Cat Quiver

This year after listening to feedback from their customers, Fulton Precision Archery will be offering Ramcat Crossbow Broadheads, a Ramcat Quiver, Practice Blades, and a Ramcat Accessory Pack. Although the original Ramcats fly great out of crossbows, Fulton Precision Archery will be offering a Crossbow Broadhead that will fly just as great. The quiver is a Treelimb quiver that holds 5 arrows and has a double gripper system.  It has been specially made to hold the large cut diameters of the Ramcat Broadheads.  It comes in black and carbon fiber but there will be camo choices in the near future. The practice blades are similar to the replacement blades except they are not sharpened.  The Accessory Pack contains spare screws and O-rings that make changing blades quick and convenient.

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