Full Flight Tech has an app for Archers!

Looking for an easier way to help make your shots more accurate? Well the guys from Full Flight Technology, creator of the Velocitip, have created an app to help!

UNO app by Full Flight Technology

Archery fans and Velocitip followers – we’re happy to slet you know that the UNO Archery app is now available for download from the Google Play store. 

How it works – Sight in at 20 yards and provide the app with: arrow speed; vane type; and peep measurements. The UNO Archery App immediately displays sight marks customized for your setup. Position your sight pins to match the pin positions displayed on the phone … you’re done.

At $9.99 and just in time for Christmas, the UNO app will get you out in the field faster and with greater accuracy than ever before.

Go to the Google PlayStore to be the first to get the app!

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