Mississippi Deer Hunters Capture UFO on Trailcamera

For a deer hunter, checking the memory cards from your trailcameras can be some of the most intense and anticipated moments of the season, whether upcoming or presently. These little objects of mildly advanced human technology flood the timbers and farmland across North America, searching for that next big buck, bull, or tom.

What if when you made your next camera check, you came across something unusual, like an object or animal never seen before? Would you hide the evidence in disbelief of what you’ve seen on your monitor? Would you notify friends and neighbors? Call the local authorities? Would you believe it?

For Mississippi deer hunters, Rainer and Edith Shattles, this is exactly the choices they recently had to make after capturing images of what appears to be a UFO over a secluded food plot. The images reveal several deer being lit up in the dead of night. What’s more, the object appears to hover above the ground and appears from several different directions. Could this be evidence of extraterrestrial life visiting our planet – or a hoax?

Let us hear your theories. Watch the video and comment below. We’re sure the Shattles would like to hear your thoughts as well. Who knows, maybe somebody reading this story knows the truth. Or, this is possibly the scariest section of woods to hunt alone for the foreseeable future. Good luck, Rainer and Edith.


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