Primos Introduces New Gobbstopper Submissive Hen Decoy

By Hunting NetworkMarch 18, 2014

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Flora, Miss. – Primos Hunting, an innovator in hunting calls and products, has introduced a new premium hen decoy at an affordable price. Featuring a high definition paint scheme and a lightweight and easy-to-carry design, the Gobbstopper Submissive Hen offers incredible realism at an affordable price.

Primos Gobbstopper

The first decoy in the new Primos Gobbstopper Series, the submissive hen is custom designed with lifelike color and detail to fool even the leeriest toms. The soft-sided decoy is lightweight and packable, designed to allow hunters to fold it and carry it in a turkey vest. Featuring three proven positions, the submissive hen can be placed on the ground to mimic breeding or deployed on the decoy stake in either a submissive or contented position.

Available in January 2014, the Gobbstopper Submissive Hen has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $59.95.


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