Bear Archery to Introduce 5 New Bows for 2014 This Week

Bear Archery LogoEvansville, IN (September 24, 2013) – Bear Archery is turning the traction of a successful year into momentum and with that comes the innovation and refinement of a brand new bow line up for 2014, including 5 new flagship models. The new lineup will officially launch on Thursday September 26th on but for those that simply cannot wait – a special sneak peak will be available on Wednesday, September 25th. The Sportsman Channel will run an hour long special entitled Fred Bear: Father of Bowhunting, beginning at 8pm EST. Immediately following, there will be a special half hour airing of the classic Kodiak Country which contains Fred Bear’s adventure in search of giant Brown Bear on the coast of Alaska.

“The original airing of the Fred Bear Special was such a huge success that both Sportsman Channel and ourselves pushed for an encore and we thought there would be no better time than the start of bow seasons across the country. This is a truly unique way to introduce our brand new 2014 lineup of bows.” stated Jason Pickerill, Marketing Manager for Bear Archery.

Headlining the launch this year is the Bear Agenda 6, Bear’s follow up to the hugely popular Motive 6 of 2013. Viewers will get a chance to see what is so special about these new bows and what sets the Agenda 6 apart from its predecessor the Motive 6.

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