Wisconsin Creates New Crossbow Season

By Hunting NetworkDecember 13, 2013

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

With the official signature of Governor Scott Walker the dawn of a new age is finally upon Wisconsin hunters.  Once only legal for hunters age 65 or older, or those with physical disabilities preventing them from using a compound or traditional bow, crossbows will now be legal for hunters of all ages throughout the state’s archery deer hunting season.

The new law, which is being called Act 61, establishes a 3 year trial crossbow season which removes age and physical restrictions previously imposed on those who seek to hunt with a crossbow.  One the trial period has ended Wisconsin DNR officials will analyze license sales, harvest statistics and other metrics to determine the impact of the new season before determining how to proceed.

Crossbow hunter
Starting next fall, Wisconsin hunters will be allowed to hunt deer with a crossbow.  A privilege once only allowed to the elderly and physically disabled.

While the bill was met with opposition from several bowhunting groups seeking to keep crossbow hunters out of the woods, many hunters support the bill which will allow them to use their weapon of choice as they take to the woods next fall.

So what do you think?  Will Wisconsin’s new crossbow legislation help or hurt the quality of deer hunting in the Badger State?

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