New End of The Trail attractant from Heartland Wildlife Institute

Heartland Wildlife Institute, the provider of the finest complete program of deer and wildlife management is pleased to introduce “End of the Trail” a new trail mix custom designed for whitetail deer.

Heartland Wildlife Institute

With its unique mix of fruits, grains, and powerful flavors, the 25 lb bag of “End of the Trail” creates an attractant that deer simply can’t resist.

With no cheap fillers, this trail mix not only smells great to deer, its 18% protein mix is good for them as well.  The ingredients in this unique blend represent nature’s most powerful attractants and feature Heartland Wildlife Institute’s proprietary Supercharged Energy Nugget for an irresistible attractant that deer will go the to “End of the Trail” to find. 

MSRP:  $27.95

To find out more on End of The Trail and their complete offerings visit them at:


  1. Arrowhead says:

    i cleared about a # acre field a few years back. I have since planted some different plots over a 3 year time period. I cleared most of the stumps, but I still have plenty of rock in the soil. What should I plant on this type of terrain? i want to attract deer and turkey


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