Heartland Wildlife Institute Buck Buster Extreme

By Hunting NetworkJuly 17, 2013

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Heartland Wildlife Institute, the provider of the finest complete program for deer and wildlife management is pleased to introduce “Buck Buster Extreme” a custom food plot seed blend designed to maximize attraction during the hunting season. 

Buck Buster Extreme provides a custom blend of forage oats, winter rye, forage soybeans, and a brassica blend composed of forage rape, and large bulb turnips.  This custom blend provides an excellent source of fall and winter energy, nutrition, and unequalled attraction.  Planted in the late summer or early fall, each of the plant varieties in Buck Buster Extreme have different periods of maximum attraction – resulting in deer visiting more often and staying longer.  Overgrazing tolerant, this blend is the perfect solution in areas with heavy deer concentrations, and will keep growing until going dormant for the winter.  Each 25lb bag plants ½ acre. 

About Heartland Wildlife Institute
Heartland Wildlife Institute, a long time leader in providing quality products to the wildlife industry, is committed to providing the finest, complete program of deer and wildlife management, as well as mineral and food plot supplementation, in order to improve overall quality and health of the deer and wildlife on your land. To find out more on this product and our complete offerings visit us at: www.heartlandwildlifeinstitute.com

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