QDMA Welcomes Wasp Archery as Corporate Partner

By Hunting NetworkJune 16, 2013

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) is proud to announce Wasp Archery Products, manufacturer of American-made broadheads, as one of its newest Corporate Partners.

Wasp Archery has been a leader in innovation for the broadhead market since 1971, and the company’s mission statement can be found at the end of every blood trail.

QDMA’s youth program, the Rack Pack, and Wasp have also partnered to design and produce the Rack Attack broadhead. Made specifically for youth bowhunters, the Rack Attack features Wasp’s razor-edged Super Smart Tip (SST) and is available as mechanical and fixed-blade.

Wasp is a family owned and operated business. Guy Weaver, President of Wasp Archery and his wife, Micki, took ownership of the company in 2010, two years after the untimely death of founder and former owner, Richard Maleski. The entire Weaver family, including Guy and Micki’s two sons, Matthew and Zachary & Zach’s wife Sarah, is involved in the operation of Wasp.

The innovation of Wasp has been evident over the years. Shortly after the company launched in 1971, Wasp introduced the Cam-Lok, which revolutionized replacement blade broadheads. Their advancements then continued with the Cam-Lok II, Diamond Point Chisel Tip and SST.

In 1995, Wasp released the Mechanic, the first mechanical broadhead to hit retail stores, and the Wasp Jak-Hammer quickly followed and transformed how mechanical heads were designed.

Continuing to stay at the forefront of broadhead design in the new millennium, Wasp unveiled the three-blade Wasp Boss in 2003, which still remains one of the most popular broadheads on the market today. The four-blade Boss was created almost immediately after.

Wasp’s current product lineup includes fixed blade, mechanical and crossbow broadheads. The strong fixed blade broadheads are highly accurate and have a large cutting diameter. The mechanical broadheads have massive wound channels ensuring maximum penetration and feature the pre-aligned SST. The crossbow broadheads feature aerodynamic ferrules and a highly durable trocar tip.

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