Audit Shows Pursuit Channel Viewership, Ad Sales Up Dramatically

Glenwood, AL (May 8, 2013) — Household delivery audits for the January-April periods of 2012 and 2013 by Kantar Media Services’ DIRECTVIEW show Pursuit Channel to be enjoying stable, sustainable increases in viewership of better than 50-percent. Network representatives cited a host of factors leading to this super-amplified climb in viewership, with the improved quality and quantity of its enthusiast programming as the leading edge for growth.

“With Pursuit Channel entering its fifth year as a nationally recognized broadcast leader in hunt-fish-shoot content, certainly outdoorsmen with DIRECTV and DISH have now added channels 604 and 240, respectively, to memory,” said Dennis Presley of MOOSE Media, Pursuit Channel’s exclusive programming and sales representative. “What viewers consistently find now when they visit are the works of established veterans of outdoor television production blending with well-crafted new shows, like 3-Gun Nation, all focused on what our viewers live to do. Television consumption is growing spectacularly at this network and that’s good news for everyone who supports and serves one of the most important businesses and recruitment tools in this category.”

John West, MOOSE Media’s director of national advertising sales, reports a 65-percent spike in year-to-year advertising sales for the network: “Pursuit Channel is increasingly a solution for manufacturers and the agencies representing them. By wide margins, this network delivers more outdoor television to more satellite homes than any other content provider in America. And satellite distribution is considered the gold standard in outdoor-minded C&D male viewers by most everyone working in media.” West added that the Pursuit Channel exclusively represented the primary component of a dual satellite/cable buy that allowed efficient access to 60 million unduplicated homes.

Pursuit Channel Logo

“Millions and millions of DIRECTV and DISH customers receive only one outdoor network… Pursuit Channel,” said Rusty Faulk, the network’s CEO and Founder. “With multiple outdoor networks in play under what remains a challenging national economy, replacing the infomercials that helped us launch the network with great outdoor content has been tedious. But, today, Pursuit Channel is dominating across all critical day parts with pure hunting, fishing and shooting programming and our infomercial level now matches well against our key competitors.

“Pursuit Channel goals continue to create the largest and most accessible network for our viewers and producers,” Faulk continued. “We are doing that through immerging technologies and by working to increase our base of traditional cable distribution partners. Seeing all that happen, while remaining the most affordable, the most approachable, outdoors network in business, are promises we’re dedicated to keeping.”

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