Tink’s B-Tech Odor Eliminator Products Fight Scent with Science

By Hunting NetworkApril 30, 2013

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Tink’s scientifically proven B-Tech Odor Eliminator Products produces game-changing odor-eliminating results unlike any other product on the market. 

Tink’s utilizes Byotrol Technology that has been proven to destroy over 300 odor-causing compounds from the human body and surrounding environment. Byotrol Technology is based off of a European research and development project focused around bacterial control in hospitals and food factories. Byotrol Technology fights scent with science, at the source. Powerful, yet gentle, B-Tech does not contain bleaches, metal, salts or other chemicals that commonly irritate skin.

Tink's B-Tech 

B-Tech Odor Eliminator Spray, Hair & Body Soap,
Concentrated Laundry Detergent
Tink’s B-Tech Odor Eliminator products create a barrier of scent protection that eliminates any potential odor from clinging to your body or clothes. Its technology offers lasting protection allowing you to stay worry-free in the woods all day.
The complete scent-elimination system includes spray, hair and body soap, and concentrated laundry detergent. Whether dealing with boots, clothing or gear, Tink’s B-Tech Odor Eliminator products have you covered at home and in the field.
The B-Tech Odor Eliminator Spray eliminates common odors that could alert your prey to your presence. Odors from foods, smoke and exhaust don’t stand a chance with this complete odor-elimination solution. Choose from pump spray or continuous spray bottles. The B-Tech Odor Eliminator Spray is also available in Forest Floor Blend, which provides the basic B-Tech odor elimination along with a natural cover scent.
Odors in clothing can be tough to remove, but the B-Tech Concentrated Laundry Detergent produces an odor-free wash every time. The 3x ultra concentrated formula provides more wash loads than other brands and contains no UV brighteners, chlorine or phosphates.
It does no good to eliminate odor from your clothing, boots and gear if you don’t also eliminate odor from your hair and skin. Remove all body odors with the B-Tech Hair and Body Soap. The scientifically proven formula destroys over 300 odor-causing compounds produced by the human body.
All of Tink’s B-Tech Odor Eliminator products give you the scent-free confidence you need to remain in the field hour after hour.
For more info , visit www.tinks.com.

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