Hot Shot Manufacturing Upgrades Popular Nano Release Aid

By Hunting NetworkApril 20, 2013

UPDATED ON: June 17th, 2015

Hot Shot Lost Camo ReleaseLogan, UT- Hot Shot Manufacturing, a name synonymous with success, awed and inspired the archery industry in 2012 with its release of the Nano. A smaller-than-average index-finger release aid, the Nano surpassed consumer expectation. Always looking to move forward-to continue to press the limits of design and function-Hot Shot Manufacturing has once again upped the bar for 2013. With a slew of new, innovative features, the 2013 Nano is impressive in every way.

Engineers at Hot Shot Manufacturing wanted to give serious bowhunters and target archers a new-for-2013 release overflowing with purposeful features. Mission accomplished. The redesigned Nano is a quality release that is smooth, crisp and incredibly accurate.

The improved shape and style of the Nano’s head is teeming with shooter-friendly features. Its compact design makes it ultra-efficient and extremely easy to handle. All-new engraving provides a racy flare, and the trimmed down design and smoother lines make the release more in-the-field friendly than ever before. Wanting to provide archers with additional comfort, the Nano’s wrist strap also received a facelift. The strap now showcases premium upgraded leather, ensuring the perfect blend of comfort, strength and support. And strap adjustments can be made quicker and more efficient than ever before thanks to the integrated metal plate. Utilizing new internal materials to ensure smoother activation and a crisp release that you have to feel to believe, the 2013 Nano is more accurate than ever. A new high-quality anodizing system provides superior protection from corrosion and wear, and allows for incredible color saturation.

Hot Shot’s improved testing process, cycling the Nano over 50,000 shots using a 70-plus pound peak draw weight shot simulator, resulted in zero mechanical failures. That’s more shots than most archers could squeeze-off in several lifetimes. Couple these new-for-2013 features and Hot Shot’s rigorous testing process with the Nano’s proven Lever-Link trigger and Cat’s Eye hook and you get a versatile release that is ready to perform.

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