NEW For 2013 Pine Ridge Archery is Proud to Introduce the Nitro String Loop Display

By Hunting NetworkDecember 28, 2012

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Archery dealers who like to keep a clean-looking shop should check out the new Nitro String Loop display from Pine Ridge Archery. The display can be attached to a peg board or a slate wall and can hold a variety of different colored rolls of Nitro string loop material and several rolls of black and camo Nitro string loop material.

The display provides the retailer with an eye-catching display that will catch the attention of customers and keep rolls of Nitro string loop material in one place and easily accessible for the shop workers.

Pine Ridge Archery Nitro String Loop Display

The Display includes a built-in measuring tape for accurate measurements when putting on new string loops.

The kit includes 20 feet of each color, both solid and two-tone as well as 100 feet each of black and camo. The Nitro string loop display keeps string loop material organized and will help dealers sell more string loops.

Pine Ridge Archery also offers a Nitro silicone peep sight tubing display. To learn more about Pine Ridge Archery, visit or call (877) 746-7434.

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