Carbon Express Introduces New LAUNCHPAD™ Lighted Nocks for 2013

By Hunting NetworkDecember 12, 2012

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Carbon Express LogoFlushing, Michigan – Top shooters know that nocks are an important component of consistent, accurate arrow flight. This insight led Carbon Express® engineers to develop the patent-pending LAUNCHPAD™ Illuminated Precision Nock.

LAUNCHPAD™ Illuminated Precision Nocks are like no other nocks available today. In the past, lighted nocks focused on brightness and battery life. LAUNCHPAD™ changes this, as it is the first lighted nock engineered for better arrow performance. Carbon Express® designed this nock to ensure consistency at all critical launch-points to allow the hunter to shoot better no matter what arrow they are using.

LAUNCH PAD™ Illuminated Nocks are balanced and manufactured with four-axis consistency and straightness within 0.001″, which ensures truest flight. LAUNCHPAD™ nocks are engineered to help you Shoot Better™, featuring precise contact points, precision aligned nock barrels and a concentric design.

The engineering expertise Carbon Express® has applied to LAUNCHPAD™ ensures an optimal combination of weight, brightness and battery life, all delivered with minimal reduction of arrow front-of-center (FOC). The shooter can expect accuracy, speed and precision.

  • CX Launchpad NocksAccuracy: breakthrough design ensures straightest flight.
  • Speed: lightest weight delivers flatter trajectory.
  • Precision: exact tolerances provide consistency every time.

LAUNCHPAD™ fits all Carbon Express® carbon hunting arrows and most non-Carbon Express® branded “standard sized” carbon hunting arrows with internal arrow shaft diameter .243″ to .245″.

From launch to impact, Carbon Express® helps archers Shoot Better™ in the field and on the range.

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