New Beman® Nightfall™ Micro-Diameter Arrow

By Hunting NetworkNovember 13, 2012

UPDATED ON: May 1st, 2015

Beman Archery logoSalt Lake City, Utah-Beman, the industry leader in carbon arrow development for over 24 years, introduces the new NIGHTFALL micro-diameter arrow for serious high-performance bowhunting.

Designed to take down the toughest big game, NIGHTFALL features a low-friction small diameter that adds higher Kinetic Density to aid in driving broadheads through big game for more pass-through impacts. A “pass-through” is prized by bowhunters as the ideal shot for a better blood trail, which makes it easier and quicker to recover game.

NIGHTFALL’S micro diameter makes this possible by increasing kinetic efficiency to promote deeper game penetration especially where thick hide and bone impact come into play. NIGHTFALL’S HIT insert system coupled with reduced wind-drift means arrows will shoot accurately in the field and provide the tightest broadhead groups in the target.

NIGHTFALL is made in USA and is also compatible with all Deep Six Standard broadheads using Deep Six stainless steel RPS inserts.

Beman is the leading carbon arrow manufacturer making products for committed bowhunters for over 24 years. The NIGHTFALL is the latest generation of Beman’s exclusive, layered-carbon micro-diameter hunting shafts. Say goodnight to big game with NIGHTFALL- the sure-kill ammo for all big game.

Nightfall Arrow Specifications:
Micro-diameter carbon construction (5.5mm)
Straightness: +/-.003″
X Nock – installed (9 gr.)
HIT inserts – included
Deep Six RPS inserts – available

Arrow Sizes 300 340 400 500
Weight (grains/inch) 10.7 9.5 9.0 8.1

MSRP: $70.99 ½ doz fletched with 2″ blazers

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