Flextone Game Calls Introduces the New ‘Coon Squaller

Looking for a way to kill some time until deer season comes in?  How ’bout a little ‘coon hunting?  The new Coon Squaller from Flexton will have you looking like Davey Crockett with a ‘coon skin cap in no time!

New Roads, LA- Flextone® Game Calls, the industry leader in natural game sounds announces the Coon Squaller™.  The Coon Squaller can be used for coon and predator hunting, making this the ultimate game call!

Flextone Coon SquallerThe Coon Squaller™ by Flextone® has numerous uses in the field for different game.  When raccoon hunting, blow short bursts into the Coon Squaller when the coon has been treed.  The coon will then look towards the call, illuminating the eyes for the perfect shot.   For predator calling, blow aggressively in five to ten second bursts to replicate two raccoons fighting.  Do not underestimate the calling power of the Flextone Coon Squaller!

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