Limbsaver® Introduces Lost Camo Windjammer Stabilizers

By Hunting NetworkJune 20, 2012

UPDATED ON: May 1st, 2015

Limbsaver Windjammer StabilizerLimbsaver, innovators of an expansive line of quality archery accessories, has introduced a complete line of Windjammer Stabilizers which offer the ultimate in noise and hand shock suppression.

The Windjammer Stabilizer now features Lost Camo®, the large format pattern specifically designed for bowhunters. Lost Camo is effective in all types of terrain and the colors blend into any natural environment. While most camo patterns are composed of 25″ x 25″ frames, Lost Camo frames are 60″ x 40″, ensuring that the pattern is never perceived as a solid color, even at 1,000 yards.

Features of the Windjammer series include a universal front and rear balancing system, specifically designed to rotate 360 degrees in either direction for perfectly balanced tuning. The weighting system is also designed for quiver balancing, as it can be counter-balanced on top, side, and bottom. The Windjammer Stabilizer utilizes Limbsaver’s exclusive NAVCOM technology with thousands of NAVCOM particles compressed inside the stabilizer giving it unsurpassed dampening technology all the way to the core.

The Windjammer Stabilizer weighs just 5.7 oz., is 7″ in length with a diameter of 1.6″. With the added feature of the Limbsaver Balance System, the weight is 10.28 oz. Color options include Black/Camo, Camo/Red, Black/Red, and Black. Also new for this year, Limbsaver offers the Windjammer Stabilizers in Lost Camo – the largest camo pattern on the market specifically designed for bowhunters. Color options for Lost Camo include: Camo/Black or Camo/Red. Prices vary depending on options, but range from $49.99 to $69.99 MSRP.

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