NASP® Archers Set New World Record

By Hunting NetworkMay 23, 2012

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Shooting LineThe NASP® National Tournament was held Friday and Saturday, May 11, 12, 2012. Friday morning the doors opened at 7:30 am for the 8,171 registered student archers. Nearly 30,000 people witnessed this year’s event and waited to see who the Nation’s top archers and schools would be.

By 1:00PM on Thursday May 10, 2012 the stage was set and everything was in place for the World’s Largest Archery Tournament. A total of 91 Volunteers including 51 students from Alaska and Kentucky had completed all necessary arrangements in record time and everyone was ready for the 2012 NASP® National Tournament.

Of the 8,171 registered archers 7,804 actually participated (only 4.5% no show). This is the highest participation number we have ever had, and everyone was part of setting a new Guinness World Record. The previous record had been held by Mongolia since 2010 at 1024 archers. We surpassed that by the second of nine flights on Friday and wound up exceeding the world record by 6,781 archers.

The Louisville, Kentucky’s Exposition Center was again the host location for the 9th Annual NASP® National tournament.  Thanks to NASP® partners; Mathews Inc., Morrell Targets; Easton Technical Products; the National Field Archery Association; National Wild Turkey Federation and a hoard of eager volunteers. The world’s largest single archery range was built to entertain the largest archery tournament.  The range featured 1,350 feet of shooting line, 270 lanes and room for 540 archers during each of the tournament’s 1-hour rounds (flights).

Every archer in the tournament launched 10 practice arrows and 30 scoring arrows at an international bullseye target from 10 and 15 meters.  No matter the archer’s grade, gender, or skill level, each used the same Mathews Genesis bow, Easton aluminum arrows and shot at the same size targets at identical distances.  To maintain an accessible and affordable playing field, enhancements such as sights, stabilizers, or release aids are prohibited in NASP®.  In fact, the tournament format is exactly the same as taught for 2,055,000 student archers in 10,373 NASP® schools during the current school year.

The 7,804 participating 4th-12th grade student archers traveled from 35 states. Alaska sent 27 students as the culminating event to their year of Physical Education archery lessons.

The tournament was staffed by approximately 200 volunteers.  These dedicated individuals came from the United Bowhunters of Kentucky; Northern KY Bowhunters Association; Kentucky Traditional Bowhunter’s Association; Churches; Kentucky State University; and the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources. Also helping with the tournament were parents, teachers, several friends of NASP® and state and provincial NASP® leaders from across North America.

NASP® students continue to demonstrate archery mastery with ever-increasing scores.  High School Freshmen Tyler Finley from Maysville High School in Zanesville, OH and Matt Wiglesworth of Harrison County High School in Cynthiana, KY tied the NASP® world record score with 298 points (perfect is 300). There were a record 13 ties that needed to be decided before the final standings could be sorted out. Ties occur when archers are matched with the same score and the same number of 10s, 9s, 8s, etc. When all was sorted out, High School Freshman Tyler Finley from Maysville High School in Zanesville, OH won the shoot off and became the 2012 NASP® National overall male archer. The next three places in the High School male division were also tied with 297’s.

The tournament’s top overall female archer of the tournament with 296 points was High School Junior, Wendi Thomas from Alma Bryant High School in Irvington, AL.

In previous years $14,000.00 in college scholarships have been awarded by conducting the scholarship shoot off. This year, thanks to the generosity of many NASP® Sponsors, those scholarships totaled $50,000.00. Winners of the scholarship shoot of are listed below.

Award Sponsor MALE
Mathews Archery – $10,000 — Tyler Finley Zanesville, OH
Bass Pro Shops – $7,500 — Ryan Long Richmond, KY
Muzzy, Laporte,
Wildlife Research – $5,000 — Matt Wiglesworth Cynthiana, KY
NEET Archery Products $2,500 — Conner Patterson Stanford, KY

Award Sponsor FEMALE
Gordon Composites – $10,000 — Tymbrie Snobl Alburnett, Iowa
Morrell Targets
National Field Archery Association – $7,500 — Wendi Thomas Irvington, AL
Rinehart Targets
Shikar Safari – $5,000 — Mary Aldridge Frankfort, KY
Saunders – $2,500 — Macy Robles Cynthiana, KY

First place teams in the Elementary, Middle, and High School Divisions were:

  • Foley Intermediate School from Foley, Alabama
  • Trigg County Middle School from Cadiz, Kentucky
  • Trigg County High School from Cadiz, Kentucky

For complete tournament results visit:

The hotly contested Spirit Awards for sportsmanship and enthusiasm went to: Michigan’s Hartland Elementary, Michigan’s Hartland Middle School, and Alabama’s Alma Bryant High School.

Many dozens of exhibitors displayed their archery, outdoor, and “kid’s stuff” throughout the event. Several interactive shooting exhibits were also provided: Archery Golf, 3-D, Pop-Up Targets, Aerial Shooting, Bow Fishing, Recurve Range, and air rifle ranges by the National Wild Turkey Federation and the KY Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources.  For the first time ever, students who had completed an on-line Hunter Education course could come to the tournament and complete an air-rifle field course to receive their HE Certification, Free Hunting Licenses, and sign up for KDFWR’s mentored hunting program.

Many of these national archers will meet again at the 2012 NASP® World Tournament to be conducted at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports near Orlando, Florida on October 4-6, 2012.  In addition to the first class competition will be the second annual “Cultural Exchange” for students to meet and learn from their NASP® peers in the U.S., Canada, Africa, and New Zealand.

For more information go to: news and events.

Top finishing individuals, teams, and the first ever NASP®/Army National Guard All American Team standings are attached below.

2012 NASP® Nationals Final Results
4th Grade Female

  1. 278 Trellis Whaley, Lee County Elementary, Leesburg, GA
  2. 276 Holly Snow, Piner Elementary, Morning View, KY
  3. 275 Riane Tuthill, Chickasha Middle School, Chickasha, OK
  4. 274 Summer Ross, Deputy Elementary, Deputy, IN
  5. 271 Kate Douglas, Lake Park Elementary, Albany, GA

4th Grade Male

  1. 288 Spencer Bartlett, Cairo Elementary, Henderson, KY
  2. 283 Ryan White, Tyner Elementary, Tyner, KY
  3. 279 Garrett Richardson, New Castle Christian Academy, New Castle, PA
  4. 279 Tristan Blake, Lewisburg Middle, Lewisburg, KY
  5. 276 Nate Wood, Holy Name Elementary, Henderson, KY

5th Grade Female

  1. 285 Corie Young, Kirksville Elementary, Richmond, KY
  2. 280 Anna Ezell, Bluffsview Elementary, Columbus, OH
  3. 278 Alyssa Laviana, Woodlawn Elementary, Chatsworth, GA
  4. 277 Birdie Maxwell, Parklane Elementary, Lawton, OK
  5. 276 Macy Mitchell, Trigg County Intermediate, Cadiz, KY

5th Grade Male

  1. 290 Zack Hogan, Richardsville Elementary, Bowling Green, KY
  2. 290 Dalton Anderson, Foley Intermediate School, Foley, AL
  3. 290 Dalton Hinkle, Cairo Elementary, Henderson, KY
  4. 289 Brandon Aldridge, Westridge Elementary, Frankfort, KY
  5. 287 Dylan Thompson, Bay Creek Elementary, Loganville, GA

6th Grade Female

  1. 284 Riley Link, Holey Name Elementary, Henderson, KY
  2. 284 Shelby Anderson, Foley Intermediate, Foley, AL
  3. 283 Alyssa Decorrevont, Henderson North Middle, Henderson, KY
  4. 283 Faith Terrell, Chandler High, Chandler, OK
  5. 282 Kaylin Smith, Trigg County Intermediate, Cadiz, KY

6th Grade Male

  1. 294 Logan Geer, New Prague Middle, New Prague, MN
  2. 292 Jack Looney, Eagle Mountain Magnet, Batesville, AR
  3. 291 Blaise Anton, Mount Vernon, Mount Vernon, IA
  4. 290 Jacob Morehead, Boonville Middle, Boonville, IN
  5. 290 Jaden Carpenter, Jackson County Middle, McKee, KY

Middle School Female

  1. 295 Mary Aldridge, Bondurant Middle, Frankfort, KY
  2. 293 Macy Robles, Harrison County Middle, Cynthiana, KY
  3. 292 Jenna Ischinger, Oxford Central, Oxford, NJ
  4. 291 Kaila Cunningham, Trigg County Middle, Cadiz, KY
  5. 290 Natalie Owens, Jennings County Middle, North Vernon, IN

Middle School Male

  1. 296 Caleb Howard, Jennings County Middle, North Vernon, North Vernon, IN
  2. 295 Nich Hope, Muhlenberg South Middle, Greenville, KY
  3. 294 Jake Bartlett, Henderson North Middle, Henderson, KY
  4. 294 Zac Smith, Ashville Middle, Ashville, AL
  5. 292 Kadin Staples, Stuart Pepper Middle, Brandenburg, KY

High School Female

  1. 296 Wendy Thomas, Alma Bryant, Irvington, AL
  2. 292 Tymbrie Snobl, Alburnett Community, Alburnett, IA
  3. 291 Sarah Shipley, Trigg County High, Cadiz, KY
  4. 291 Cayla Goodson, Ripley High, Ripley, WV
  5. 289 Megan Besecker, Troy High, Troy, OH

High School Male

  1. 298 Tyler Finley, Maysville High, Zanesville, OH
  2. 298 Matt Wiglesworth, Harrison County High, Cynthiana, KY
  3. 297 Ryan Long, Madison Central High, Richmond, KY
  4. 297 Connor Patterson, Lincoln County High, Stanford, KY
  5. 297 Levi Miller, Meade County High, Brandenburg, KY

Over All Female

  1. 296 Wendi Thomas, Alma Bryant, Irvington, AL
  2. 295 Mary Aldridge, Bonurant Middle, Frankfort, KY

Over All Male

  1. 298 Tyler Finley, Maysville High, Zanesville, OH
  2. 298 Matt Wiglesworth, Harrison County High, Cynthiana, KY

Elementary School Team

  1. 3267 Foley Intermediate, Foley, AL
  2. 3247 Eagle Mountain Magnet, Batesville, AR
  3. 3243 Woodlawn Elementary, Chatsworth, GA

Middle School Team

  1. 3394 Trigg County Middle, Cadiz, KY
  2. 3359 Anderson County Middle, Lawrenceburg, KY
  3. 3342 Stuart Pepper Middle, Brandenburg, KY

High School Team

  1. 3437 Trigg County High, Cadiz, KY
  2. 3412 Maysville High, Zanesville, OH
  3. 3401 Logan Hocking High, Logan, OH

Scholarship Award Winners
$10,000 Tyler Finley — Maysville HS — Zanesville, OH
$7,500 Ryan Long — Madison Central HS — Richmond, KY
$5,000 Matt Wiglesworth — Harrison Co. HS– Cynthiana, KY
$2,500 Conner Patterson — Lincoln Co. HS — Stanford, KY

$10,000 Tymbrie Snobl — Alburnett Community School — Alburnett, Iowa
$7,500 Wendi Thomas — Alma Bryant — Irvington, AL
$5,000 Mary Aldridge — Bondurant MS — Frankfort, KY
$2,500 Macy Robles — Harrison County MS — Cynthiana, KY

THE FIRST — 2012 NASP®/Army National Guard All-American Team
Tyler Finley, Male, 9th Grade, Maysville High School, Zanesville, OH – 298
Matt Wiglesworth, Male 9th Grade, Harrison County High, Cynthiana, KY – 298
Ryan Long, Male, 11th Grade, Madison Central High, Richmond, KY – 297
Connor Patterson, Male, 9th Grade, Lincoln County High, Stanford, KY – 297
Levi Miller, Male, 9th Grade, Meade County High, Brandenburg, KY – 297
Korey McKay, Male, 11th Grade, Ashville High, Ashville, AL – 296
Wendi Thomas, Female, 11th Grade, Alma Bryant, Irvington, AL – 296
Chris Bee, Male, 9th Grade, Hartland High, Hartland, MI – 296
Caleb Howard, Male, 7th Grade, Jennings County Middle, North Vernon, IN – 296
Mary Aldridge, Female, 8th Grade, Bondurant Middle, Frankfort, KY – 295
Justin Mehs, Male, 11th Grade, Anderson County High, Lawrenceburg, KY – 295
Nich Hope, Male, 8th Grade, Muhlenberg South Middle, Greenville, KY – 295
Nathan Freeman, Male, 10th Grade, Tell City High, Tell City, IN – 295
Macy Robles, Female, 7th Grade, Harrison County Middle, Cynthiana, KY – 293
Tymbrie Snobl, Female, 10th Grade, Alburnett Community, Alburnett, IA – 292
Jenna Ischinger, Female, 8th Grade, Oxford Central, Oxford, NJ – 292

The Final Team Score for the All American Team Would Have Been – 3551
The top 12 scores, including at least 4 opposite gender scores, are counted for a team score.
A perfect team score would be 3600 (300 X 12)

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