GC Archery Introduces GameChanger Archery Target System

By Hunting NetworkApril 17, 2012

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Fayetteville, NC- GC Archery, a developer of innovative, game-changing sporting equipment, today introduces the GameChanger™ Archery Target System, a revolutionary archery target system that simulates a real-life hunting experience with high-definition, interchangeable image rolls of wild game animals in their natural habitats. The system is ideal for bow hunters and archery enthusiasts of all skill levels who are looking to hone their accuracy and experience the thrill of the hunt year-round.

Combining new target system concepts with proven practices, the GameChanger is a personal range target that features a specialized, layered foam compression structure and the first-ever series of high-definition image rolls of wild game animals that visually immerse bow hunters in a lifelike hunting scenario. Every GameChanger roll contains six images, each 32 inches tall by 48 inches wide, complete with a size scale to shooting distance ratio in the target’s upper corner for more simulated realism. Images are indexed across the face of the target system, so hunters can quickly scroll from one image to the next. Additionally, vitals areas are superimposed on each animal to assist with accuracy and help the hunter learn the most ethical arrow placement.

Game Changer Whitetail Target
Just one of the many target faces available in the GameChanger system.

Russ Mason III, president of GC Archery, said, “Although modern archery targets have come a long way from hay bales and tree stumps to foam blocks and layered synthetics, repetitively shooting at the same target can quickly become boring. Today, nothing comes closer to simulating a real hunt than the GameChanger Archery Target System. Offering a variety of vivid images that can be changed within seconds, the GameChanger is an educational target system that is designed to last for years so that it’s ‘always open season.'”

Unlike traditional targets, the GameChanger system’s images are printed with ultraviolet-resistant ink on high-quality, waterproof vinyl material that stretches when shot, so targets can be hit hundreds of times before needing to be replaced. Currently, GC Archery offers image rolls featuring continent-specific wild game animals from North America, Europe and Africa; species-specific rolls, such as all whitetail deer; and even a roll featuring fun and challenging games, like tic-tac-toe and roulette.


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