Dave Altman’s Possible Record Pennsylvania Buck

By Hunting NetworkJanuary 24, 2012

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Pennsylvania deer hunter Dave Altman is just a few days away from knowing what many already believe to be true. The Jefferson County native took a buck so big last November that it may break records. In fact, it may become the Keystone state’s new number one typical ever – a record that has stood since World War II.

On November 29th, the second day of the Pennsylvania gun season, Altman made his way into his stand like he had done so many times before. At 8:30, while standing up to stretch, he spotted the buck in the distance. With his brand new Ruger M77 .300 Winchester, Altman squeezed off one fatal shot from more than 150 yards away. The buck collapsed within yards of the shot, crawling into a dense thicket where it finally expired.

The incredible buck was weighed at Mark Jordan’s Taxidermy shop in Punxsutawney, tipping the scales at 170 pounds field dressed. Local hunters there estimated it weighed close to 250-pounds on the hoof. Later, the 17-point buck was unofficially scored by two separate individuals, each taping the buck around 203 total inches.

If the unofficial measuring was done accurately, after the 60-day drying period Altman’s buck will likely shatter the previous record Pennsylvania whitetail. The current record is 189-inches, taken by hunter Fritz Janowski in 1943.

Stay tuned to the Hunting Network as we continue to bring you the latest updates on Altman’s incredible buck. The official measuring is set to take place on January 28th by two Pennsylvania Game Commission and certified Boone and Crockett scorers.

dave altman buck

Pennsylvania hunter, Dave Altman, poses with what could be the state’s greatest typical. He’ll have to wait until January 28th to find out.

Is Dave Altman’s buck the NEW king of Pennsylvania typicals?

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