Mike Kemble’s GIANT Ohio Eight Point Buck Falls Short of Record

By Hunting NetworkJanuary 11, 2012

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

The 60-day drying period for the incredible 8-point buck taken by Ohio hunter Mike Kemble has come and gone. The great buck that was thought to be the world’s NEW undisputed king of eight’s has fallen less than one-inch from taking that illustrious top spot. Recently netting 179 5/8-inches, it may not be the world’s greatest, but it is Ohio’s new number one.

dude with giant 8

Ohio bowhunter Mike Kemble took this giant 8-point buck on November 3rd with his Horton Crossbow. The buck fell only 50 yards from where he shot it.

Taken at first light on the morning of November 3rd, while Mike was trying to grunt in a 135 class buck, the great eight features more than six inches at either base. With an inside spread of 20 6/8-inches, both beams taped out at greater than 29 inches.

giant 8 mount

Although falling short by less than one-inch of being called the greatest eight-pointer ever taken, at 179 5/8-inches, Mike’s buck is Ohio’s NEW number one.

The buck reportedly grossed better than 186-inches, but fell short after deductions were subtracted. The two bucks still tied for greatest eight of all time measure 180 3/8-inches. Those incredible eights fell to hunters Vernon Winter from South Dakota in 1965, and Victor Bulliner in Michigan, 2001.

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