Theory 13 Creative 2012 ATA Show Media Event Invitation

By Hunting NetworkJanuary 9, 2012

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Theory 13 Creative 2012 ATA Show Media Event Invitation


For those who have already gotten back to us, thank you for your prompt reply.  All others please respond within the next 24 hours so we can plan accordingly for catering and cocktails.   We are looking forward to seeing all of you at this year’s ATA show. In the event that you missed our first email please find this year’s Media Event information below.  Thanks in advance for your reply.

2012 Media Event New Format, New Time!

Greetings Movers and Shakers,

I hope this message finds you well after a successful fall and with ferocious aspirations of a great show season and a fantastic 2012.  I am emailing to cordially invite you to our 2012 ATA Media Event.  NEW FORMAT and NEW TIME!

Theory 13 Creative will be holding this year’s Media Event during the ATA show on January 10th, 3:00pm in rooms C210 and C212. We would be honored by your presence.  This year will are abandoning the classroom format and going to a more open, round-robin style presentation where each manufacturer will have their own station. I will be delivering a brief summary of new products in the beginning of the event and from there we’ll send you on your way to learn more from each manufacturer in a more intimate setting.  Please join us as finger foods, cocktails and beverages will also be served, giving you an opportunity to loosen up for the evening while simultaneously filling your coffers with new product information. 

As always, a basic summary can be found below-  Please respond as soon as possible as we have strict guidelines for the banquet hall and seating is limited.

Who:     Theory 13 Creative Clients
What:    ATA Media Event
Where:  2012 ATA Show, Rooms C210 & C212
Why:     Information about 2012 Products and Media Material Distribution
Why:     Get your info in one place and some free food and drinks as well

The following companies will be included in this year’s event:

Maximus LogoMaximus Crossbows:  Maximus Crossbows has been forged with more than 27 years experience.  For 2012, this budding brand will be launching one of the most impressive crossbows the industry has ever seen.  With outdoor industry vetren Paul Vaicunas at the helm it’s a give this company will be breaking ground with new and innovative products the industry has been thirsting for, for years.

Norway LogoNorway Industries:  Norway continues to be aggressive with their development of new and innovative vane designs.  For 2012 they will be expanding some of their most popular offerings by way of new sizes.  In addition, the company is working on new ways in offer and guarantee the best adhesion in the business.

Sanford Innovations:  A relatively new broadhead brand, Sanford Innovations has hit the ground running during the last two years while turning the heads of many hardcore fixed blade and expandable shooters.  in 2012 they will be improving on two of their previous designs and there’s rumbles we might see a sneak peak of a new rear-deploying expandable broadhead, as well.

Spot Hogg Archery: maker of “The World’s Toughest Archery Products”, Spot Hogg is known for making top-quality pin sights, release aids, shooting devices and miscellaneous archery accessories.  No stranger to archers across the globe this power-house brand is offering new rest and release products in 2012 sure to catch the attention of serious target shooters and bowhunters alike.  

Hot Shot Manufacturing: One of the archery industry’s oldest release aid manufacturers, Hot Shot has completely revamped their 2012 release aid line with several new product offerings in both the handheld and wrist strap categories.  Significant attention has been paid to each release’s durability, fit, function and size.  Sure to impress anyone who shoots them, we encourage you to give this brand a good, hard look.

GamePlanGear LogoGamePlan Gear: GamePlan continues their march to the top of the “pack” category.  They’re hitting the market with several game-changing designs including more offerings for those who hunt with corssbows, a few items never seen before from this brand and of course, creative solutions to everyday bowhunting products.  These are products you don’t want to miss, especially as this brand explodes in overall popularity.

Cajun Archery: Always thinking forward, Cajun Archery is breaking the mold of traditional bowfishing arrows once again by offering a product specifically designed for those with lighter draw weights and shorter draw lengths.  As bowfishing continues to grow in popularity and opportunities continue to expand we expect bowfishing will be lead by this brand.  Pay Attention.

Opti-Logic Corporation:  A leader in rangefinding technology and originator of ballistic compensating technology, Opti-Logic will release an augmented line of rangefinders that will include a tactically inspired rangefinder specifically designed for hunting applications.  This new unit is compact, light weight and ranges lightning fast.  Be sure to request your sample at the show.

Wicked LogoWicked Tree Gear:  Spawned from White Knuckle Productions President, Todd Pringnitz, Wicked Tree Gear exploded onto the scene in 2011 with a folding tree saw that’s second-to-none.  I was recently told by one of my hunting partners that if he wanted a fulcrum while trimming trees he’d turn to his Wicked saw without question.  Strong testimonial?  These guys are building a saw that’s tough as nails and sharp as a razor.  Be sure to check them out and get your free sample.

Thanks in advance for your participation.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.  We look forward to seeing at the show!


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