Check Out the Flex Cam at the 2012 ATA Show

Check Out the Flex Cam at the ATA Show    Stop by and visit Smokin Rack in the Innovation Zone at the 2012 ATA Show in Columbus, Ohio, to learn about the Flex Cam.  For those who want to document their hunts with video, the only answer in the past has been to employ the services of another person to film.  Fortunately, the innovative folks at Smokin Rack have created the Flex Cam device to help you captue your own hunt on film. The Flex Cam allows the hunter to attach a variety of recording devices directly to gun, bow or stand.

This device that attaches to your weapon and will hold all cell phones, most video-capable, hand-held cameras, as well as compact video cameras. Weighing less than 7oz, the small and lightweight frame is easy to mount on any bow with a pre existing stabilizer hole or shotgun with a firearm adapter.


Just mount the Flex Cam, attach your video device and hit record. It really is that simple. Whether it’s the buck of the woods under your tree, an ole tom strutting or a group of mallards locking up over head, the Flex Cam will help you capture every minute of your hunt. Not to mention, cameramen can be costly in terms of expenses and increasing the odds of detection. Minimize the risk and difficulties associated with a second person while recording your memories afield. Maximize the feeling of accomplishment having succeeded own your on with the Flex Cam!

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