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Wicked Tree Gear Makes Light Work of Trimming with Their “Wicked Tough Handsaw” Tree ToolMount Pleasant, IA:  We’ve all been there… smack-dab in the middle of setting up in a new hot spot, frantically trimming shooting lanes when our folding saw rapidly disassembles or the blade decides to suddenly form a 30 degree angle.  In either instance, you’re dead in your tracks, helpless and stuck with the few narrow shooting paths the forest reluctantly grants.  Gone are those days with Wicked Tree Gear’s Wicked Tough Handsaw in your hand.

Founder, Designer and President of Wicked Tree Gear Todd Pringnitz, stated: “I put a ton of time into hanging and trimming stands each season and I got sick of breaking multiple plastic hand saws every year, I wanted to build something better.  As an engineer I knew I could do that [build a better saw].  The new Wicked Tough Handsaw was truly born of necessity from my die-hard bowhunting background in filming hunts for our DVD series (Whiteknuckle Productions). This is a product I’ve been dreaming of for years. I’m just excited to have a saw to use in the field this season that won’t break.”

As with any tool, form follows function and the Wicked Tough Handsaw by Wicked Tree Gear is no exception. Each saw follows five basic maxims to achieve woodland distinction: Strong, Sharp, Dependable, Durable, Comfortable.

wicked handsaw open


There’s no need to be gentle with this superior saw!  Featuring a single piece, rugged cast aluminum handle with structured inset design, the Wicked Tough Handsaw is intended to take abuse. The hardwearing 8 inch long handle is robust yet lightweight (.5lbs) and sports a raw finish that won’t mar, scratch or ding.  Hardened steel hardware creates a rock-solid connection between the saw’s handle and blade for years of service.


What good is a super-strong saw if it doesn’t cut? Inspired by the equipment used by professional arborists, the Wicked Tough Handsaw’s Wicked Sharp™ blade sports deep teeth and is constructed from impulse-hardened, high-carbon steel and cuts smooth and fast through any type of tree or wood.  At 7 inches long and .050″ thick each blade effortlessly resists bending and bulging while maximizing the cutting surface and efficiency- making light work of every limb, branch or tree it encounters.

DEPENDABLEWith a Fail Safe Blade Lock Design™, a hardened steel lock pin and other top end components, this saw is built to stay together and perform flawlessly for years to come.  With a Lifetime Warranty on construction and product defects, you can’t go wrong.

From its single-piece construction to its top-end components and engineering, no saw on the market offers comparable durability or strength. Built to meet the demands of the serious hunter who understands the rigors subjected upon their equipment, the Wicked Tough Handsaw is the ultimate tree tool. Simply stated: It’s Wicked Tough!


Not only is the Wicked Tough Handsaw’s single-piece handle strong, but it’s also comfortable.  Designed without multiple pieces or seams it fits the hand like a glove, while the over-molded rubber grip gives you a non-slip connection and comfortable grasp making it the perfect choice for cutting a single limb or embarking on a full days worth of treestand preparation.

The NEW Wicked hand-saw will retail for around 39.99 MSRP.

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