Mississippi Claims NEW Record Buck – First B&C Typical Ever!

Bowhunters in the state of Mississippi will probably have two reactions after reading the following BIG buck tale. First, a feeling of rejoice as their state claims its first Boone & Crockett typical whitetail ever. Second, a reminder of how unoften this happens and an unlikelihood they might repeat it in 2011. Oh well, we can all dream can’t we!?

Bowhunter, Will Rives, took this remarkable Mississippi whitetail on private land in mid-December, 2010. Will was hunting over a scrape line that he had just found hours before. Prior to dusk he began his third calling session of that night, grunting and banging a pair of antlers together to imitate two bucks fighting over a doe.

Within minutes, this 15-point buck came straight to Will, stopping a short 14 yards out. When the buck looked away he was able to draw and shoot, sending his broadhead on a course into Magnolia State history. The buck would fall only 85 yards later and just out of sight.

will rives mississippi record buck

Will’s incredible buck officially netted 172 4/8 inches, easily moving it into Mississippi record books as the largest typical ever taken. A record previously held by Rob Stockett whose 2007 buck scored 167 2/8 inches.

It’s important to note that the net score of 172 4/8 doesn’t accurately depict this true monarch of the woods. This buck grossed 198 4/8 inches! The entire staff of Hunting Network wishes to congratulate Mississippi bowhunter, Will Rives, on this unimaginable achievement. Congrats Will on an incredible monster of a buck!

As a side note – Kudos to your photographer as well! Great photo!

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