Wisconsin Appoints NEW Deer Trustee – Dr James Kroll

By Hunting NetworkOctober 3, 2011

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Last month, Wisconsin State Governor Scott Walker issued an executive order to appoint a whitetail deer trustee, or czar, as the position has often been labeled. It appears although that much anticipated search is finally over, introducing the state’s new deer dude – Dr. James Kroll.

Currently a Texas resident and professor at Stephen F. Austin State University, Dr. Kroll has spent more than 30 years studying deer herd management, appearing on several hunting shows, authoring hundreds of articles for major hunting magazines, and is even often referred to as “Dr. Deer” by his peers.

Dr kroll releases tagged deer

Dr. Kroll (with sunglasses) smiles for a photo with some colleagues before releasing a tagged buck back into the wild.

Chosen because of his extensive knowledge of modern deer herd management, Kroll’s work is scheduled to begin immediately upon hire. He must have a preliminary whitetail report due no later than March 1st, 2012, confronting a “scientifically-based review of Wisconsin’s deer management practices” according to a recently released DOA press release.

This new “czar” position is expected to receive a salary of $125,000 – being paid through funds from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

According to the Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, several WDNR staff members have stated that there is a “gag” order in place on the selection of Kroll that prohibits them from discussing the position’s new hire. However, Kurt Thiede, WDNR’s land division administrator, has said their department will “work with the trustee, as we have with past reviews of deer management, in every way possible.”

The Hunting Network wants to hear from Wisconsin state deer hunters on the hire of Dr. James Kroll as their new deer czar – Do you believe he is the right guy for the job? How do you feel about his salary?

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