Elk Hunter’s Strategy Phone App will Help You Bring Home a Bull this Fall

By Hunting NetworkSeptember 19, 2011

UPDATED ON: May 1st, 2015

Imagine you’re up on a mountainside chasing some very uncooperative bull elk. Your hard earned seven day vacation almost over, it’s warm, and bugling has yielded no response. What do you do next to put the odds in your favor?

Try picking up your phone and getting a clue – that’s what!

Check this out, it’s the latest innovation from Roe Hunting Resources and they’ve developed an Elk Hunter’s Strategy App for your cellular phone. This bowhunter edition will actually let you in on the secret to what you should be doing at that moment to get that bull. It’s a phone application that thinks for you.

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Berthoud, Colorado – Announcing that Roe Hunting Resources (developers of Elk Hunter’s Strategy App – Bowhunter’s Edition) has released a new powerful resource for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android users. This is an elk hunter’s dream come true, containing hundreds of different elk hunting scenarios and strategies to help elk hunters increase their chances of success. It takes only mere moments for hunters to select the scenario they are dealing with, learn why an elk is behaving the way it is, and choose from a variety of tactics and calls that will give the hunter the best chance for success in their situation.

Elk Hunter’s Strategy App – Bowhunter’s Edition – is the best friend of any bowhunter who goes after elk. The application is a compilation of literally hundreds of different scenarios that elk hunters might find themselves in. All a hunter has to do is consult the appropriate situation to instantly discover which strategies and calls to use.

Not your average hunting app, this app is the brainchild of Chris Roe, owner of Roe Hunting Resources in Berthoud, Colorado. Roe is a Certified Wildlife Biologist, elk behavior expert, and accomplished elk hunter, so he has a lot of helpful information and tips to share. Says Roe, “I created the app to help hunters, from beginners to the experienced, add to their arsenal of hunting tactics, and ultimately to be more successful on their hunts.”

Since Elk Hunter’s Strategy App can be used in the heat of a hunting moment, as well as reviewed in advance, it has to work fast. It only takes, on average, 35 to 45 seconds for a hunter to locate the advice he or she needs to locate, set up on, call, and well… hunt an elk. There is also information that helps hunters understand the behavior of elk, which is also helpful on subsequent hunts.

Some of the features in Elk Hunter’s Strategy App include:
* Extremely easy to use, fast and intuitive interface
* Powerful, information packed resource
* Increases chances of a successful hunt
* Takes only 35 – 45 seconds to find a specific set up and call strategy
* Helps hunters understand elk behavior and vocalizations to improve future hunts

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch and iPad – Requires iOS 3.0 or later
* Android – Requires Android 1.6 or later
* 2.7 MB

Technology has certainly taken hunting to a whole new stratosphere over the past decade but it begs the question when will it end? At what point does technology go too far and separate today’s modern hunter from the traditions laid out by our fathers? Log on to the Bowhunting.Com Facebook page and tell us what you think – Has this technology gone too far?

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