Flying Deer Causes Montana Power Outage

Founding father, Benjamin Franklin, once thought that the American Turkey should have been our nation’s symbol – calling the Bald Eagle a coward and a scavenger. He forgot to mention power outage initiator, a title it earned last week in a small Montana community. Old Ben’s probably smiling in his grave.

Last week in the small rural community of East Missoula, Montana, a power outage was blamed on a fawn that had been dropped onto electrical lines affecting about 30 area homes.

fawn on wires

A Northwestern Energy lineman takes down a fawn after it was dropped by a nearby nesting eagle.

Resident, Lee Bridges, and his wife went to ask the investigating lineman from Northwestern Energy what the problem was when they received the reply, “Well, you had a deer with wings on it.”

The Bridges suspected it was a local Bald Eagle who dropped it, after watching the bird resting in their front yard spruce tree earlier that same morning.

A Northwestern Energy official, along with the lineman, would go on to state that they had never seen anything like this before and are likely to never see it again.

Bald Eagles have a wingspan at just over 8 feet and adult birds can weigh as much as 14 pounds. It is likely that the fawn was just a few days old.

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  1. I had a similar situation, we had an electric fence go down from a fawn being wrapped around it. We figured it was coyotes.

  2. zach nott says:

    FAKE to make a connection on a high wire you have to touch both wires. if you only had to touch 1 wire every bird on a high line pole would be dead. Not an electrician but just an observation.

    • Note that there is a small “pole” in the picture. My guess is that was used to support the upper wire to separate the fawn’s legs from the lower wire.


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