New Martin Bows for 2016

Martin Archery Hellfire 35


Axle to Axle Length
Brace Height
6 1/2"
4.12 lbs
Draw Weights
Draw Length
27.5" - 31"
328 fps

Martin Hellfire 35

Just a few years ago, Martin Archery made a resurgence with a complete branding overhaul. For 2016, Martin once again gives its customers reasons to upgrade. One reason is the Hellfire 35. Martin calls it “the quietest bow on the market.” An independent sound lab found it was quieter than bows from competing brands. A new bridged riser with Wide Riser Technology actively cancels vibrations. The Hellfire 35’s grip offers ergonomic comfort and slimness to beat torque. The industry’s first-ever 4-ring cam system eliminates lean, and offers superior synchronization to produce target-bow accuracy in a hunting machine. Black and Krytek Camo finishes give the Hellfire 35 taste and appeal.

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