New Hoyt Archery Bows for 2016

Hoyt Carbon Defiant


Axle to Axle Length
Brace Height
3.6 lbs
Draw Weights
Draw Length
331 fps

Hoyt Carbon Defiant

It’s a new era for carbon bows at Hoyt. Enter Carbon Defiant. Hoyt offers this lights-out bow in three configurations. From the short and maneuverable Carbon Defiant to the smooth and stable Carbon Defiant 34 to the rocket-hot Carbon Defiant Turbo, these bows cover every bowhunter’s needs. The 31-inch Carbon Defiant will likely be the bestseller. It shoots up to 331 fps, weighs only 3.6 pounds, and boasts a 7-inch brace height. Durable UltraFlex Limbs offer balance, and harness the Carbon Defiant’s wild power. The all-new DFX Cams draw like a dream, and drive arrows with heat. Plus, they work with the UltraFlex limbs to increase axle-to-axle length at full draw. The result is a less-acute string angle, which provides better peep-sight positioning. The Zero Torque Cable Guard System eliminates torque, but clears the cables from the arrow’s path for the truest shot possible.

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